Inside the Historical Park of Monte Sole in a healthy environment and healthy rises 400 m above sea level "The Hill of Almond" in a scenic valley between the sect and that of the Rhine, great for those looking for a little 'relaxation in contact with nature. The structure consists of a traditional farmhouse and a barn in the process of restructuring early 900, adjacent to the house we have an oven in which we will delight the palate. Of Almond Hill offers you a pleasant stay in its 104 ha, divided between the woods, grass pasture, mixed fruit, vegetable, crossed by paths between them, joined the flourishing wildlife, form a splendid setting. The management is very much at home, we're two sisters "Deserts sisters" that so hard run the company and pride that mom and dad worked so hard to give us the opportunity to create and run and that's how it is born of Almond Hill where our welcome customers trying to make them comfortable recreating a family environment in a unique context.