The idea was born from the desire to move away from the city and discover the peace and serenity a time, more memories of two sisters precisamentedai ​​grown in the green and animals in a family where joy and above all the carefree serenitàma were the setting for weekends spent together on our hills. So growing up and becoming mothers ourselves, we had the desire to grow our children in a healthy and dear to us. Hence the idea of a farm, a different form of tourism is an activity connection with agriculture. As required by law, the farm is subject to several restrictions and standards and therefore differs substantially from a restaurant, shows precisely how the article 2135 of the Civil Code: a) The structure must arise from local existing buildings on the farm: Farm does not exist if there is no farm. b) The business of catering and hospitality must be predominantly family owned. c) The administration of food and drink offered to guests must be expression and promotion of local food traditions and typical Regional food culture, which is why 80% of products are administered come from own production, from farms in the region increasingly favoring local products with PDO, PGI, IGT and DOC. d) To organize educational and cultural recreational activities aimed at enhancing land and rural heritage.